Cassie Augusta Jørgensen
Debris In A Skin-Tight Corset
In English

How can the body of the performer be freed from submitting to the pleasure and entertainment of others? In a duet with the artist Rory Pilgrim, Cassie Augusta Jørgensen explores the origins of classical ballet in the baroque Ballet de cour, a dance genre that emerged at the French court in the 16th century. In a whirlwind of historical tableaux and productions – from Louis XIV to Kate Bush – they challenge the common ideology of ballet and other systems based on principles of exclusion: an outstretched middle finger!

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CASSIE AUGUSTA JØRGENSEN (*1991) works as a dancer, choreographer and visual artist at the interface of visual arts, dance, theater and club performance. Her background is in classical ballet and modern dance. She has worked both with and for choreographers and theatre-makers in New York, Copenhagen and Berlin, where she currently resides. She holds a BFA and MFA in visual arts from the Royal Danish Art Academy and BA in dance and choreography from the Alvin Ailey School. Jørgensen’s work deals with various topics, including the history and creation of Western traditional dance and movement and its ideology of harmony between art and body. 

Rory Pilgrim (Bristol, 1988) works in a wide range of media including songwriting, composing music, film, music video, text, drawing and live performances. Centred on emancipatory concerns, Pilgrim aims to challenge the nature of how we come together, speak, listen and strive for social change through sharing and voicing personal experience. Strongly influenced by the origins of activist, feminist and socially engaged art, Pilgrim works with others through different methods of dialogue, collaboration and workshops. In an age of increasing technological interaction, Rory’s work creates connections between activism, spirituality, music and how we form community locally and globally from both beyond and behind our screens. In 2019 Pilgrim was the winner of the Prix de Rome.

CHOREOGRAPHY Cassie Augusta Jørgensen PERFORMANCE Cassie Augusta Jørgensen, Rory Pilgrim SOUND Puce Mary (Frederikke Hoffmeier) COSTUME Alecsander Rothschild, Leila Hekmat

A production by Cassie Augusta Jørgensen in co-production with the Festival Les Urbaines. The 30th edition of Tanztage Berlin is a production of SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. With the friendly support of Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Förderband e.V./Berliner Spielplan Audiodeskription. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung