Tiran Willemse Normanson / Nkisi
In English

(bb) is: the need for each other; an encouragement for each other; unclear boundaries between bromance and romance; a brotherhood/sisterhood manifesting between sound and dance; the other’s babe or baby; the rhythm that one does not understand, only feels.
The collaboration between the dancer and director Tiran Willemse Normanson and the musician Nkisi was inspired by the idea of “backup”: In (bb) it is about stepping back and highlight everything that is not center stage, in order to give space instead to the supporting structures in the theater. The performance explores the dialogue between sound and dance, penetrating and transforming each other and constantly evolving in forms and textures.

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TIRAN WILLEMSE NORMANSON, born in South Africa, is a contemporary performer and artist based between Berlin and Bern. In his artistic work Tiran Willemse Normanson investigates the influence of rhythm and sound on the body and its environment. Using movement and language, he creates images that deal with controversial issues, creating experiences that invite more attention, listening and learning. Tiran Willemse Normanson studied at the PARTS School For Contemporary Dance in Brussels and at the University of the Arts Berne and has worked with Eszter Salamon, Jérôme Bel, Ligia Lewis, Trajal Harrell, Meg Stuart, Andros Zins-Browne, Alex Bachzinsky Jenkins and with the Cullberg Ballet under Deborah Hay and Jeftha Van Dinther.

NKISI is the pseudonym of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, whose activities as producer, live musician, DJ and curator allow for a continuous investigation of invisible forces with the help of sound. Musically, this manifests itself in a captivating cross-talk of African rhythms, uncompromising European hard dance tropes, somber synthesizer melodies, and the relentless, electrifying energy used for her increasingly kinetic live performances.

CONCEPT, ARTISTIC DIRECTION, CHOREOGRAPHY, SET + LIGHT DESIGN, TEXT, LYRICS, PERFORMANCE Nkisi, Tiran Willemse Normanson KOSTÜM Nicolas Maxim Endlicher MCMLXXXV Light advice Joseph Wegmann DRAMATURGY Maxi Wallenhorst, Nkisi, Tiran Willemse Normanson Dramaturgical advice Maxi Wallenhorst

A production by Tiran Willemse Normanson/Nkisi in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and Vooruit (BE). The 30th edition of Tanztage Berlin is a production of SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. With the friendly support of Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Förderband e.V./Berliner Spielplan Audiodeskription. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung